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Donald L. Fowler, CEO and Founder

Donnie Fowler has achieved a leading role in both political and high technology circles through his work in the Clinton White House, at the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, as vice president at TechNet in Silicon Valley, and with political campaigns in every corner of the United States. He has advised dozens of companies, policymakers, public advocacy groups, and political campaigns on how to successfully manage their media, policy, and business development agendas. Currently, he leads Dogpatch Strategies, a communications and public affairs firm serving green technology enterprises, and continues to support Cherry Tree Mobile media, a mobile technology company he co-founded in 2006. 

Fowler’s political background includes on the ground work in fifteen states and five of the last six presidential campaign cycles. He was Al Gore’s National Field & Delegates Director, contributing to the only Democratic campaign to win every state in a competitive nomination fight and supporting the eventual popular vote victory against George Bush. Following the 2004 election, Fowler finished second in the contest for Democratic National Chairman behind eventual winner Howard Dean. Most recently, he was senior state advisor to the Obama campaign in Indiana, the first Democratic presidential win there since 1964. 

Fowler’s recent professional work has included clients as varied as Facebook, Stanford University, the Pew Charitable Trust, Al Gore (“Inconvenient Truth” and The Alliance for Climate Protection), the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, MyPoints Online, CNET News, EnTrust Capital Management, SolarTech, Greenvolts Inc., Amgen, and the Biotech Industry Organization.  He has made frequent appearances in local and national media on political and technology issues, including Fox News, “Dan Rather Reports” (HDNet), The Washington Post, LA Times, San Jose Mercury News, and as a blogger for the Huffington Post. 

Fowler is senior fellow at the Truman National Security Project and an alumnus of the American Council of Young Political Leaders, finishing his second trip to China in August 2009. He was also an appointee of Governor Gray Davis to California’s Long-Term Economic Strategy Panel, charged with setting a long-term strategy for California’s economy.  Fowler received his B.A. from the University of Virginia and his law degree from the University of South Carolina where he attended on a full scholarship.  He is a South Carolina native and has lived in San Francisco since 2001.