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    { Advancing Clean Tech Goals in the Public Sector }

    As the clean energy economy rapidly grows, the nexus between companies, investors, the public, & government at every level is critical to the success of every clean tech enterprise.  Dogpatch Energy Solutions sits squarely in the middle of this space.


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    { Providing Only What You Need When You Need it }

    We operate as a general contractor for each client, using our experience and network of professionals to determine your goals, build a plan & team to achieve them, and then execute that plan.  We offer our services in segments so that you don't need to commit to a long-term agreement until you want it & your budget can support it.


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    { You Only Think You Need A Lobbyist }

    You might not. In helping you to execute your specific Roadmap, Dogpatch Strategies brings together the best policy experts, grant writers, communications professionals, and, yes, even lobbyists, when appropriate.


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    { Pay for What you Actually Need }

    With Dogpatch, there’s no need to hire several different groups, expensive out-of-town lobbyists, or even in-house staff for your needs. We have a network and subcontracting capacity that gives you what you need, measuring results at every step.


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    { Let Dogpatch Strategies Be your Navigator }

    We aren’t just business development or government professionals; we’ve started successful companies. We are not run-of-the-mill Washington lobbyists; we are veterans of Silicon Valley & the clean energy world with unmatched relationships in our nation’s capitol. We have the tools and experience that will help grow your enterprise in a way that works for you, one step at a time.